Sunday, September 24, 2006

Globalization – Lowest Common Denominator

Remember your elementary mathematics? Finding the lowest common denominator was one of the skills you learned. You will soon be applying that skill to that 21st century darling of economists called Globalization. The word sounds innocent enough or perhaps even mildly exciting. It sounds like the sort of concept-in-a-word that you are supposed to embrace as being cardinal self-evident truth. All heads nod in agreement at the cocktail party.

In reality, if you are a native born American with many working years ahead of you, globalization will become a very frightening word. Globalization means that you cannot hide from your competitors, not at night, not on weekends. You can never rest because someone, somewhere is willing to sleep fewer hours and work harder than you in order to scratch out a tenuous living.

You have been taught by the *think tank crowd* of the past decade that your job as an American is to work smarter, not harder. They said some anonymous Asian would do the hard work while you’d do the thinking. They lied. You have to do both. Soon you will have to do both for a minimum of 12 hours per day just to keep from losing your home, your car and your way of life.

Your company is finding ways to eliminate you as you read this. Your company’s duty to its shareholders is to get you outsourced before their competitor figures out how to do the same. Oh, and unfortunately, those hard working Asians and Indians are just as smart as you. They don’t need you to do the thinking. They need you to either work for less or get out of the way.

With each passing year you will have to accept less and less in take home pay. The Globe demands it. You cannot make ever higher income through ‘smarts’ while ever more smart foreigners working harder and living six to a home compete for your job.

Ask any Mexican working in your yard what he thinks his chances are of ever making more money then you pay him under the table today. If you heard him say pretty good (because you read and understand Spanish) just go down to the convenience store and pick up a fresh Mexican. Never pay more for yard work, just find a newly arrived Mexican. You will soon be that Mexican on the global stage.

Your health coverage will vanish. The rest of the world toils without health coverage, therefore so must you. Globalization abhors a differential. The pain in America will become unbearable within 10 years. Mortgage defaults will skyrocket. Civil unrest could well collapse America. America will learn that there never was such a thing as working smarter, not harder. That was just a flippant, arrogant concept of the 90’s. America will learn that you have to work as hard as that Mexican in your yard. I can almost hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth. You’ll be so sorry you helped all those Mexicans just looking for a better life because you’ll be wondering whatever happened to your better life.

Just thank American multi-nationals in collusion with your political party. That’s right, both Democrats and Republicans sold you out. That’s because you’ve never met a poor politician. All politicians are watching their bottom lines, not yours. They never cared about you, they just wanted your vote, now they are rich and you are not. Game over.

Please post your thoughts on how we might get out of this mess.


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly the only way to get out of this mess is to hope for mass extinction, perhaps 99.5% of the human population.

In a more fairy tail perspective, we would need a massive overthrow of our government with secure take over of the national leadership. The dependence on technology and non-survival comforts would result in total anarchy and eventually overthrough by another now stronger government entity.

At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Err overthrow....

At 5:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel you on this. I had a pretty good career as a deisgner but I find myself without a job now at 40and I am taking any odd job I can find doing types of work I would have had had a hard time doing when I was 18... My body aches and I have no insurance. When are us lazy ass americans going to wake up look around and try and fix this. It is time to show them the door.

At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our own love of the so called ''free market''created this mess just as much as the sell out poloticians.The international captians of capital are simply employing or taking advantage of the values which for so long, so many Americans clamed made America great and free.Those values of course being the values of unfettered capitalism.

Of course some people are saying that this is not capitalism, but corruption.Lets be very honest concerning this matter.Capitalism, due to one of its key componets ''economic compitition''creates a centralization of wealth into the hands of the winners of that compitition.Now everyone ,even conservitives agree on these two facts.First,wealth is or actualy can be converted into political power.The second fact is that power,particularly absolute power leads to corruption.Thus we can only logicaly conclude that capitalism leads to corruption by creating a centralization of wealth ,''ie excessive wealth in the hands of a few,which then leads to excessive power in the hands of a few.Once we can admit that capitalism is the cause of this mess we are in,we can then acertain that capitalism ceartainly has not made us free nor can even more capitalism get us out of this mess.At the very best,''more''or a so called purer form of capitalism can only lead to the bondage of people to the blind forces of the market.

We are now at the point in history,if we are going to regain our collective intergrity as Americans,''along with bearable individual lifestyles''we must understand that so called free markets can not make for a free people.A free people,if truly free,are in fact not obliged to market forces, but in command of those forces via the democratic will of the people.We as a potentialy free people must come to grips with the reality that commerce and freedom,''freedom being the exercise of rights,natural or otherwise''are not one and the same.We Americans have due to our failure to realize that ''rights''have little to do with buying and selling,traded freedom for commercialism.No monatary price can be placed upon human freedom.

Finaly, besides erroniously claiming that capitalism is and or leads to freedom,many Americans argue that this so called freedom is valuable and desirable because this ''freedom''has lead to and supposedly will lead to prosperity.I argue,I insist that if we are to save this nation from the facist international corporations,we must undertand this; FREEDOM IS PROSPERITY !

James G.

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With respect to the previous Anonymous... bullshit with a capital B!

The so-called capitalism and free market that exists in this country is only called that to try to give people the illusion of freedom. In reality all the regulations and laws are stacked in favor of the corporation and its management. In a true free market with true capitalism at work, the employees and the consumer would have just as much power as the producer, and consequently, just as much prosperity.

At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No offense to the above, but you just described Socialism. Giving everyone a fair and equal say is what socialism is all about. Sure there is a lot of bureaucracy that comes with it, but if managed properly, like in Norway's case, it can lead to a wonderful, long and fulfilling life. Sure you might not make as much money, but because the focus of a Socialist market is not on profit, but on "making sure those who need it, get it" you won't need to make more money. The way I see it, being rich is one of the worse things you can be, simply because you can't get rich by working hard alone. you have to step on someone to get rich.


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